Scifest Africa 2016 – Catch all the great lectures online

Catch all the big lectures from the National Science Festival in Grahamstown

In 2015 we brought you some of the excitement of the National Science Festival to your computer screen.  Visit to see the programme and learn more about the speakers.

Here are a few of the talks in no particular order.

Scifest Africa 2016 – More videos will be added daily

Here are some of the lectures from Scifest Africa 2016

Jim Adams from NASA

Dan Goods from JPL

Ella Al-Shamahi National Geographic

Highlights from Sascha Ott’s Science Shows De Physikanten

The Laser Show

Professor Mike Bruton

Dr Graham Walker’s Science Show

Habib Noorbhaai

Professor William Edmonson NIA, USA

 Jim Adams NASA – Solving the technological challenges of the Journey to Mars

Lucy Hunt – The Science of Relationships

Dr Stephen Ashworth – Kitchen Chemistry

The official Opening of Scifest 2016

Toys from Trash Website

Clarice Greyling – Her Science Expo Project

Yolanda Nkala 

Case Rijsdijk

Shagita Gounden

Janet Kalis

Kate Robey



NASA Astronauts Cady Coleman  and Don Pettit answers questions about being in space.

Adriana Marais, UKZN Centre for Quantum Technology: Quantum what what

Jim Adams, NASA, USA Technology: How investing in space is changing your life on Earth

Revealing secrets of the universe: NASA’s missions to the dwarf planets Ceres and Pluto

Kelly Jardim, St Andrew’s School, Welkom Improving speed and accuracy in reading

Meet a Mars rover driver

Dr Catherine Coleman, NASA Astronaut Office, USA Space exploration: What’s next for NASA

FameLab Finals at SciFest 2015

Jim Adams, NASA, USA The life of a photon @ 13:00 18 March 2015

Panel Discussion: NASA: Setting science alight @ 18:30 18 March 2015

Dr Wanda L. Diaz Merced, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, USA – Mu @ 13:00 19 March 2015

Dr Claudia Alexander, NASA – The Rosetta Mission: To land on a moving comet @ 18:30 19 March 2015

Professor Robin Grimes, Imperial College London, UK Learning to live with our defects:

Dr Ellen Stofan, NASA, USA Looking outward, inward and homeward: NASA science and you:

Dr Ellen Stofan speaks at the Official Launch of Scifest 2015.

Breaking down barriers in the STEM field

If I told you science has limits, would you believe me?

For more interesting viewing:


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