I-Innovate is dedicated to bringing 21st century learning to classrooms and communities through STE(A)M education programs, design thinking, and problem-based learning tools, equipment and resources. We work with partners (like Living Maths) across the country to bring global thinking and locally relevant programs and activities to children and communities across Southern Africa.

We believe in nurturing children’s innate curiosity and desire to innovate while preparing them to be problem-seers and problem-solvers in the global community.

We do this by providing educators and communities access to resources that will prepare children with the skills and competencies they need to succeed in the future workforce.

We will achieve an inspired generation of educators, parents and learners equipped with the skills to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution..

We are bringing 21st century learning and STEM education to children and communities in South Africa through a series of hands-on, experiential programmes and activities. In particular, we are launching a new hands-on Artificial Intelligence (AI) programme for teachers, learners and families which sparks creativity and innovation while introducing the basic concepts of AI and what it means for our future. We have just launched our first ExoLab, an experimental platform that brings together classrooms and the International Space Station in a collaborative investigation of the effects of microgravity on living things, in partnership with Magnitude.io, CASIS and NASA.  We are a South African organisation dedicated to inspiring the possibilities in South Africa’s future leaders, problem-solvers and innovators through hands-on learning programmes and resources. I would love to share more about our programmes and activities with you and your team.


Living Maths is currently working very closely with I-Innovate to introduce exciting and innovative projects to the education community.