Living Maths turns 20!

2015 is already here!  This year is going to be jam-packed with exciting events and celebrations.  We have many surprises for you and we will announce these to you when the events draw closer:


Things to start getting excited about:

1. Classes are starting up from the 26th of January at most of our schools.

2. The Imagination Chapter will start on the 26th of January at 3pm.

3. For our 20th birthday we have a new logo and this will be launched shortly.

4. We will be hosting a HUGE birthday bash to celebrate 20 years of innovative education.

5. We have some exciting interviews lined up for February and March – Physics Girl (the Youtube sensation), Astronaut Abby (the STEM sensation), Luca Parmitano (ESA astronaut), Possibly a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, etc

6. We are launching a few new projects this year:  Schools and Corporate Speedcube league, an Inter-school Maths quiz, involvement in a huge Maker Faire taking place in Cape Town, etc.

7.  We hope to have special international guests in Cape Town:  Some stars from NASA, Bubblz the Maths Clown from the UK and possibly some other exciting science communicators.

8.  We are planning a foundation phase inter-school competition.


We will keep you posted about the rest of the events on our Evens Calendar and our website.