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What’s News ?


Sleepover is done and dusted. Richard’s Bay Scifest is complete.  Camps Bay Primary Maths Evening sorted! Iziko Museum Treasure Hunt and Maths Workshop is finished. What is next?

Exciting interviews coming up.  David Lipschitz will be interviewed at 630pm on Wednesday 27 May.  Watch it on this site live or come and meet David at the Cape Town Science Centre.

Living Maths and the Cape Town Science Centre will be hosting a joint Birthday bash.  We turn 20  and they turn 15.  Let’s just say the party will be huge!

Catch all the big lectures from the National Science Festival in Grahamstown

Click here to view speakers from NASA, England, Australia, South Africa, USA, etc. 

International PI Day

As you may know today is International PI day.   March the 14th is 3.14…. (assuming you write the month and then the day).  Here are some fun links to help you make PI day more exciting:

PI Day links



The New Living Maths T-shirt is now ready.  Those students that are supposed to receive their t-shirts, we will begin handing them out next week. For everyone else, the T-shirts are on sale for R50.  We will post a photo of the new short shortly.