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Interview with The Phillips Family at 830pm 7 May 2015

The Phillips family have taken the year off to cycle around Africa.  We will get a chance to ask them questions about their adventure, what they still have planned, which animals they have seen, any close calls….  etc. Email your questions through to info@livingmaths.com

Interview with Dr Rolf Landua at 5pm on 6 May 2015

Rolf is the Chief Education officer at CERN.  We will be discussing CERN, Particles and the Large Hadron Collider.  What is the Higgs-Bosson partcile and have we proved Einstein was smarter than we previously thought?  Email your questions through to info@livingmaths.com

Interview with Anousheh Ansari at 6:30pm on 30 April 2015

Anousheh is a giant in the Tech industry.  She is a great Stem Role Model for young women and she also happens to have been to Space!  Email your questions to info@livingmaths.com. Watch it live here:

Interview with Adriana Marais at 3:45pm on 24 April 2015.  

Adriana has made the top 100 places in the Mars One Project.  Watch it live here:

Email questions through to info@livingmaths.com



NASA Guests in Cape Town -Sorry BOOKED OUT!  Watch it live on our website!

We love interviewing people involved in Space-related activities. We also love involving YOU. So we are VERY excited to be bringing you the best news ever!
We have 2 incredible women coming to Cape Town: NASA Chief Scientist, Dr Ellen Stofan and Astronaut Dr Cady Coleman. The event will take place at the Cape Town Science Centre 6PM for 630PM on the 23rd of march.  Watch it live here:

Email your questions to: livmath@iafrica.com

Catch all the big lectures from the National Science Festival in Grahamstown

Click here to view speakers from NASA, England, Australia, South Africa, USA, etc. 

International PI Day

As you may know today is International PI day.   March the 14th is 3.14…. (assuming you write the month and then the day).  Here are some fun links to help you make PI day more exciting:

PI Day links



The New Living Maths T-shirt is now ready.  Those students that are supposed to receive their t-shirts, we will begin handing them out next week. For everyone else, the T-shirts are on sale for R50.  We will post a photo of the new short shortly.