Living Maths


Maths Enrichment lessons for Primary School Learners

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Loving Maths


Interactive Maths classes for Foundation Phase Learners

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Imagination Chapter


Join us every Monday for an hour of creativity.

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Maths Olympiad


Our Annual International Maths Olympiad for K-9 is taking place from 17 October. Schools can register now to take part.

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Birthday Parties


We're excited to announce the launch of our Birthday Parties!

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Riddle of the Day

38. A simple riddle you behold, All that glitters is not gold: My first is second in line, I'll send shivers up your spine. Though I'm not quite shining bright, I seem to glitter in the light. What Am I?


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What’s News ?

Watch the awesome interview with Speedcube Champion Anthony Brooks (USA). Anthony is a talented Cuber that has some cool stories, tricks and tips to share.


Join us for the amazing interview with Prof Rob Gaunt - he plants chips into the brains of his patients to allow them to control robotic devices with their thoughts. Feel free to email questions during the interview. Send your emails to




Join us for a fascinating interview with Dr Anastacia Tomson - Doctor, Author and Transgender Activist.  She will be explaining all the ins and outs of Transgender culture and giving us some insight into the difficulties that transgender people go through on a daily basis. Feel free to email questions during the interview. Send your emails to


The interview with Dr Sue Black is being rescheduled.  Dr Black is a computer scientist, social entrepreneur, Fempowerment Guru and all-round super cool woman.  She is an author and has a fascinating story to share. We will post an update on the site shortly.


It's National Maths Week in Ireland coming up next week and we are attempting an online maths show for the first time with 5 Irish schools. Join us live at 11am (South African time) and 10am (Irish time) on Tuesday 18 October for the live maths show.  Feel free to email answers to questions during the show. Send your emails to


 Watch the Live Interview with Tegan Phillips.  Tegan will be taking part in an event equivalent to 10 x Ironmen.  Is she sane? Email us on to ask questions or to join the interview live!

The Living Maths Olympiad 2016 for grades R(k) - 9 will be starting on 17 October.   Does your school know about it? Visit the Olympiad page for more details on how to register.

The video clip of  our film shoot with the Imagination Foundation and Googleis now out.  Watch it here.

Watch all our online interviews here:

Watch all the Scifest 2016 Speakers here:

Here is the link to Toys from Trash


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