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Riddle of the Day

40. A man was running away from an elderly couple who wanted to kill him. Although chased, the man still taunted his pursuers. Soon, more people chased the man. The man, desperate on escaping from his pursuers, agreed to let a friendly stranger help him, but later the stranger betrayed the man and killed him. Who was the man and who was the friendly stranger?


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What’s News ?

We are busy lining up some super cool interviews with some amazing people!  We have confirmations and now we are setting some dates.  As soon as dates and times are confirmed, we will update the interview calendar.

Welcome to 2017!   We have so many exciting events lined up.

On Wed 17 May at 6:00pm GMT + 2, I will be interviewing Wanda Diaz Merced.   Wanda is a well known and respected Astronomer.  She studies the universe and observes the regular things that astronomers observe.  The only difference?  Wanda uses her ears and not her eyes.  Wanda is blind! If you would like to ask any questions, please email them through to me on info at livingmaths dot com.








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There are no upcoming interviews planned, but stay tuned!