Loving Maths

Loving Maths LogoAfter running the Living Maths program for 12 years, the Living Maths Mathletics Olympiad was not only a set of Maths papers for students from Grade 4-7, it was also including papers for grades 1-3.  The next step was grade R (Kindergarten).  After offering the Olympiad at this level, there were requests for running classes for the Foundation phase (R-3) at some of our schools.  We began with grade 3 and then each year after that we introduced the classes to grades 2 and 1 and subsequently we offer the classes to grade R as well.  At some of our schools we are also offering the classes to pre grade R.

The programme for the foundation phase was named Loving Maths as the emphasis is on falling in love with the idea that maths is fun!  The classes are 30 minutes long and they are based on a story that continues on a weekly basis.  The story always ends with a cliff-hanger and the students are required to help the facilitator solve some problems during the lesson.  If time is permitting, we squeeze a fun activity into a lesson as well.  The number of Loving Maths classes is growing at a rapid rate as the students are ”loving” every second of it.1836955_636798603023990_1418107411_o

The classes allow us to introduce the idea that problems need to be solved and the students have several tools at their disposal.  Using basic addition and subtraction, learning new ways to understanding some of the essential operations is key.  Children also learn how to articulate their solutions and different methods to solve one problem.  It is not for marks and they can work together to solve the problems – this essentially means that there is no pressure and it is loads of fun.  From the wacky stories to the nail-biting endings each week, the Loving Maths program will soon be offered at a school near you!

If you’re interested in having Loving Maths presented at your school, contact us and we’ll do our best to organise it.