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2019 Cybermail 3

10-Year-Old CEO Set to Open Storefront for Lemonade Business

Good morning! This 10-year-old's lemonade business started out as a challenge from her dad — now she's opening up her own store. (via NowThis Daily)

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The Unintended Consequences of Grades


15 Year Old Kid Calculator Yaashwin Sarawanan SHOCKS THE WORLD!!

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Coding Rock, Paper, Scissors to Teach Probability

#Scifest2019 AwardsScifest Africa would like to congratulate Living Maths for winning the Best Workshop in the…

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2019 Cybermail 2

If you are looking for a child friendly search engine: that avoids anything unsavoury being pictured on the screen.

Our full Grade 1 and 2 programme handbooks and resources are available online! Click below to access these exciting teacher resources:
Picture: Six-Bricks session with Grade R, 1 and 2 teachers (13 June 2017) has become one of my favorite resources! It’s free for teachers to use this school year. The site has dozens of lessons and mini-lessons for each grade level. Every lesson has a video narrated by Doug. Doug loves science and uses photos and video to present a science mystery. Mystery Science videos pause for discussion opportunities. Lessons guide students through hands-on activities. The lessons are “open and go” as long as the teacher has the supplies ready. Mini-lessons do not require any supplies since they are answered without a hands-on activity.

Toronto teen, Ananya Chadha, won First Prize in the Impossible Science Student Challenge for her #mindblowing Brain-Machine Interface project. On February 6th, World Champion Magician, Jason Latimer flew in to perform the Grand Prize Show live for her entire school. The challenge was hosted on Congrats, Ananya!!

15 Partitioning Games that Kids (and Teachers) Love

Two Good Ways to Create Choose Your Own Adventure Stories

Introduction to our Maths300 website and structure of the lesson notes and supporting website. Resources to support subscribers to Maths300 are available for school leaders and individual teachers to use. The slideshows can be viewed Google Slides format, or downloaded in PowerPoint Format

Subscribe at

Sample Lesson at

Please like and share our new Maths300 Facebook page

eachers and experts have come together to release a site as a resource for teachers!!

WomEng in partnership with Motorola Solutions Foundation invites aspiring future engineers in Grade 10 – 11 to apply for the GirlEng Technovation Camp taking place in Johannesburg from the 25th to the 28th of March 2019. The GirlEng Technovation Camp will teach girls the basics of coding, participate in a robotics workshop and learn about other future technologies. While being exposed to these technologies, students will work in teams to develop an engineering technology solution to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. To apply visit: or email for more information.

12 Things We Learned This Week


2019 Cybermail 1

Do you want to teach for Living Maths ?

City of Cape Town Bursary

The missing link from Place Value: Relative Size

28 Edible Science Projects You’ll Actually Want to Eat

25 5th Grade Science Projects That Will Blow Your Students’ Minds


15 Partitioning Games that Kids (and Teachers) Love

Class Auction Project

The Ultimate Guide for New Maths Teachers


2018 Cybermail 4

Do you want to teach for Living Maths ?

Free online courses

Awesome Periodic Table

Students and storyboards

Science Project ideas

What teachers need to know about Dyscalculia

Teaching Prisoners to code

Book report ideas

Download Past grade 12 papers

How about a career fair for jobs that don’t exist yet?

Basic coding with Pencilcode

Are maths and science worth pursuing for the money ?

Great Maths resources from Wits

What can I do with a maths degree?

Young Scientist competition

Music video of Uptown Factors

Learn to speak ROBOT

New App for students in Cape Town

Get your class to collaborate Globally – for FREE

Homophones and homonyms


2018 Cybermail 3

Exclusive Member Archive: The Online 2018 National Teacher Leadership Conference

FREE eBook: The Complete Guide to Google Certifications

Competition entries close on Friday! If you haven’t nominated your teacher in the @WoolworthsSA & @MySchoolSA Teachers Day Competition, DO IT NOW! In 200 words of less, Tell us about how your teacher inspires YOU and stand a chance to win your share of R450 000 in prizes for you, your teacher and your school! For more details, visit for more details! #WWTeachersday

A small team from South Africa just broke the world record at the World Robotic Olympics!!!

Bursaries & Internships @ MINTEK

Hard-Hitting Nature Valley Ad Shows The Terrifying Side Of Kids Addicted To Technology!/resources/-/science/all/topic





2018 Cybermail 2

Brainfeed Magazine April 2018

How One Man Folds and Flies World Record Paper Airplanes

Meet the man building world-record setting and gravity-defying paper airplanes.

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2018 Cybermail 1

A Stanford professor says we should teach more math in preschool

Incredible Old-School Footage of NASA’s X-Plane Program

NASA recently released footage of some of their coolest projects in history. We put together the highlights:

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A Fabulous project for schools to get involved with

Math in Early Childhood: 6 Strategies for Teaching Math Throughout the Day

3 Tools for Creating Instructional Animations

Enter an Archive of 6,000 Historical Children’s Books, All Digitized and Free to Read Online

The Best Websites for Teaching and Learning Math

2017 Cybermail 10

“OK Google” for Math Quizzes

On Wednesday, announced access to hundreds of quiz questions in math and three other subject areas through the Google Assistant on phones or voice-activated speakers, like Google Home.

Just say, “OK Google, talk to” within range of a Google Assistant or Google Home, and the device will quiz you with a series of four multiple-choice questions.

So now instead of the Google Assistant answering questions, it will ask you!

With their parent’s permission, children under 13 can also have their own personalized Google Assistant experience when they log in to Google Family Link. offers online courses and study tools to help students in kindergarten through college excel academically. Last summer, the company rolled out its first apps; this summer, received a $100,000 grant to expand its tuition-free college program.


2017 cybermail 9

Leak Proof Bag Science Experiment for Kids

27 Ideas For Students Who Finish Their Work Early

Printable LEGO Challenge Calendar Ideas for Kids

4 charts on how people around the world see education

The BIG List of the Best Websites for Teaching Math

Child Genius Reveals Secret Geometric Pattern Hidden In The 4 Times Table

Chrome App and Extension Database




2017 cybermail 8

How I Hacked My PD: The Power of Twitter As a 24/7 Learning Tool

How to Make an Epic DIY Lego Fidget Cube

The BIG List of the Best Websites for Teaching Math

Grades 4 to 7 Viewing Cubes

Sunshine Addition Activity for Kids

15 Partitioning Games that Kids (and Teachers) Love

16 Picture Books About Math to Inspire Curious Kids

Maths vs. Maths Literacy: the continuing debate

Amira opens playground Promosa

The BIG List of the Best Websites for Teaching Math

List of All Bursaries in South Africa 2018 – 2019

The BIG List of the Best Websites for Teaching Math

MIT’s Scratch Program Is Evolving For Greater, More Mobile Creativity

Why a Colorado researcher believes preschool students should learn — and play — with math

The Best Math Games for Building Fluency

5 websites you need to spend an hour at and steal amazing resources for your classroom this fall.

Why Some Students Fail And Other Students Succeed

Applications to become maths teaching fellows now open

Fun Game Despite the Name: Drop Dead

How to Make a Duct Tape Endless Cube

Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Use Tables in Google Docs & Slides

Printable Math Dominoes for Addition, Subtraction

Math Paper Plate Games




2017 cybermail 7

How to Make Amazing Flextangles

How to Make Oobleck | Oobleck Activities




2017 Cybermail 6

Minion Brush Bots

2017 Cybermail 5

Marble Trampolines! A Fun Engineering Challenge for Kids

Free Microsoft Office Templates

5 Ways to Have Fun With Math Name Tags


2017 Cybermail 4

How to fold the world record setting paper plane


Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – 11 Great Google Sheets Templates

The Map of Mathematics: Animation Shows How All the Different Fields in Math Fit Together



2017 Cybermail 3

Mr S was interviewed by the Bedley Bros in the USA on their Podcast

Fox and Geese: A Traditional Abstract Strategy Game

Donald Duck Discovers Mathematics

Meet Philipp and Melanie as they travel the World


2017 Cybermail 2

After our Interview with Derek Paravacini, one of the US schools wrote about it in their blog

Science for Kids: Balancing Robot (FREE Printable)

STEM PLAY: Integrating Inquiry into Learning Centers

Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Use Toontastic 3D to Create Animated Videos

STEM for Kids: Create a Homemade Marble Run



2017 Cybermail 1

Free online course for Dinosaur lovers

Multiplication Football Game: Make Math Fact Practice Fun!

100 Invitations to Build

15 Fun Ways to Practice Math

Librarian Approved: 30 Ed-Tech Apps to Inspire Creativity and Creation



2016 Cybermail 12

Are you keen to get started with Coding – Our Friend Alexa and her gang recommended this site!


2016 Cybermail 11

Full time Science Kid

Build your own Computer

Some fun maths tricks

72 Creative Ways for your students to show what they know

Create Madlibs with Google Sheets

Astro Kits from ESA



2016 Cybermail 10

Click here to download grade 12 revision on Functions and Graphs, this is compilation of questions from the national grade 12 examination papers over the period 2016 to 2014.

Fact Dash

The National Matric Exam Timetable

If you like coding and you are just starting out

Grade 7-9 Maths Content

Great math Resources

Maths and Astronomy

100 Digital tools for the classroom

Living Maths Promo Video

Make your own comics

2016 Cybermail 9

Science Fair Season is upon us.  Here are some ideas and great links

Science Buddies
California State Science Fair
Odyssey Magazine
Sci Central
The WWW Virtual Library : Science Fairs
Science in Africa

Inventors and inventions
About inventors and inventions through the ages. Also gives advice to would-be investors on patent applications etc.
This is a good technology website with background information on inventions from Adrenaline to the Zipper – and also some biographical detail on the inventors.

Science and mathematics encyclopaedia sites
This is the gateway to all of the wolfram.research reference sites including those on astronomy, biography, maths, music, paper sculpture, Star Trek and wine tasting!
Eric Weisstein’s World of Science is packed with good stuff – and improving daily. It is funded by Stephen Wolfram, one of the whizziest computer whizkids around.
Like his World of Science, Eric Weisstein’s MathWorld is chock full of interesting mathematics and material for teachers to use to promote interest in the subject.
(It appears that has been a legal action in the USA between the author of this site, Eric Weisstein, and a publishing company. The result of the action has been the temporary or permanent transfer – one cannot be sure yet which – of the “mathworld” site to something called “planetmaths” or “planetmath”. Search the web to ascertain this for yourself. Add the result to your “favourites”.)

Guidlines for projects
Guidelines for selecting suitable investigations
Project ideas
Some interesting science activities for kids to try at home. This keeps parents on their toes!

Not sure how to get started with your project? Try visiting Discovery Education: Science Fair Central

The Primary Science Project
The grade 12 National examination papers written in June can be downloaded from the links that follows.

Paper 1:

Paper 2:

Fabulous Maths Blog for teachers and parents

How to run a photo competition at your school

Cool project ideas for the Makey Makey

A recently discovered video about Living Maths running the global cardboard challenge a couple of years ago at Scifest Africa


2016 Cybermail 8

Great Edtech resources for teachers supplied by the wonderful Cheryl Kemper

Fantastic Science Experiments for kids

Cool object manipulation in videos

It’s time to move away from learning about to figuring out

Learn all about technology in the Olympics

Olympics content for the classroom

Turning your class into a maker space

Watch the video Google and the Imagination Foundation made with Living Maths and our Imagination Chapter

Bursaries for Matric students

Scratch and Maths

7 sites that vet digital learning tools

Drag racing with cups

Free 154 page guide to using Scratch

Steam Ipad links

Pokemon Go resources

A compilation of grade 12 examination questions from the South African national Mathematics examination papers for the period 2008 – 2016. These questions are assessing the grade 11 Geometry Theorems. 


2016 Cybermail 7

Thanks to Stacy Maxton for the first 6 links

Five Ways to Make Math Lessons More Engaging

Six Creative Ideas for Practical Maths Lessons

Real Estate-Themed Lesson Plans: Math

Ways to Use the Olympics in the Classroom

Critical Thinking Lesson Plans to Subvert Alcohol Advertisers

18 Tips for Sharpening Your ADHD Child’s Math Skills

As an Edtech teacher you would love to take part in ISTE but sadly you were unable to make it to the USA… We know how you feel so why not join via the net

The world’s largest cultural exchange – Teachers are you ready to get involved ?

Stem Ipad links

An Indian Blogpost about training of locals

A past student of Living Maths has a planet named after her!

The NGO that we work with on one of our projects was nominated for an award (and won it for the second time!)

A WONDERFUL maths blog for teachers and students looking to get a bit more out of their maths

Visit The Global Education Conference Network 

Live Maths and Science lessons for Grade 10 to 12 pupils from the 18th of July onwards. 

9 TED talks to get you excited about maths 

Information about the JUNO flyby

Cool block activity for the holidays

2016 Cybermail 6

Anyone can learn how to code

Our friends at Kahoot have created a Space theme and some space Kahoots as part of Living Maths’s involvement with the Humans to Mars Summit

The Living Maths Imagination Chapter is one of 3 out of a 100 that will be filmed. Here is a small taste.

Mr S was interviewed by a class in the US

Download some Maths Papers

Watch some of the speakers at the Humans to Mars Summit

A blog post about Mr S from a student in India

Another blog post about a session we had with a school in Hungary

Mathematician teaches his daughter the times tables

Making Toys from Trash


2016 Cybermail 5

Mr S took part in the UCT Upstarts project

South African team wins the PAN African Maths Olympiad – with a past Living Maths student in the team!

Kano Computing welcomes OS 3.0

A list of ALL the South African bursaries

Are you into coding?

Drinking straws and maths

Osiris Rex – – Fetching a piece of an Asteroid and bringing it back!

Students designing Apps


2016 Cybermail 4

Mr McNulty’s students interviewed Mr S

Send postcards all over the world

All the Bursaries you need to know about in South Africa for 2016-2017

UCT Students break world record for Rocketry

The 10 Hottest topics in Edtech

The 50 Best Free teacher resources of the decade so far

Great Online Maths video resources

Free Maker Space E-book

The Romanian Football team is promoting maths

Mind-blowing Magnets

2016 Cybermail 3


Wonderful Free Templates to Create Newspapers for your Class

The 2015 National November examination papers & memo’s for grades 10 – 12 can be found at the link below.

Mr S was interviewed by a class in the USA

The Democratization of Knowledge

Free Maker-space Resource Book

UCT Maths Competition

Augmented Reality T-shirt

Couscous and Music – Wow

Romanian Soccer team become Maths Heroes!

Smart magnets

Make your own Maths Ninja Star


2016 Cybermail 2

Cool Maths Puzzles

Mr S taking part in a teacher conference in Texas via the Internet

Blogging Platforms for teachers

How to live a ZERO Waste Life

Learning tools added to One Note

Science Leadership Academy

How to encourage Inquiry-based learning

Kids’ wacky inventions are made REAL

School leavers – What opportunities are there for you?

Cool STEM site for kids

50 Apps that teachers recommend

Teachers get your EDtech tips here 



2016 Cybermail 1

Mr S was interviewed twice by the Grade 7’s in Mr McNulty’s class in the USA

Cool Chrome add on for teachers to keep a live scoreboard on the Smartboard.

Mr S did a class with students in Denmark

Here is a cool App to collaborate with Musicians

High school students – Do practice tests on your phone!

Sign up for Virtual Valentines Project

Minecraft for education

Practical ways of stimulating mathematical reasoning

Steve Spangler Science Fair projects ideas

Using Minecraft to teach maths

A fabulous App for making Books



Cybermail 11

Fabulous math teacher resources

Super cool Science Demos

Awesome Maths tricks

Different Learning Styles in Education

Eight Key Strategies for Deepening Your Effectiveness in the Classroom

A Guide to Classroom Technologies that Increase Learning: An Educator’s Resource

12 Easy Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom, Even for Technophobic Teachers

Embracing Technology in Education and Government (Video)

Lesson Plan Library from

Lesson Plans on Finances & Real Estate

Science & Technology Lesson Plans

Engineering the Future: The Educator’s Guide to Building and Construction

Lesson Plans for Teachers from the Humane Society

Serve Up Classroom Nutrition Activities

Make a Splash in the Classroom: A Hands-on Curriculum with Lessons and Activities on Swimming and Pools

Maths Games for Grade 3 and older

Make your own brainteaser worksheets 


Cybermail 10

Microsoft Snip is an awesome tool!!!

Great for Real Life Data Handling

Here is the website for the data handling

Very proud to be a coach for the UCT Upstarts 2015

Parents – how to help your kids to like maths

If you are into coding

Teen explains Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Awesome Graphing exercises that students will LOVE 

Afrikaans apps for kids

Scratch for beginners

International Space Station turns 15

Teacher recommended Top 50 Apps for kids

Living Maths works closely with Kahoot in Norway and we featured on Finnish TV

And we featured in a conference in Norway too


Cybermail 9 for 2015

Film It! 25+ Apps and Tools to Get Children to Be Directors 

9 Maths websites and Apps that kids will love

Freebies for science and maths ideas

Let your curiosity get the better of you

Cool geometric Art Project ideas

Hotwheels and speedometry

Shoprite Bursaries



Cybermail 8 for 2015

Mr S was part of a panel discussing Global Cardboard Challenge 

A blog post written about World Space week involving Living Maths

The top 6 Apps for IOS to create Word Clouds

Lovely blogpost in Afrikaans about the Living Maths Olympiad

Build a simple circuit with a pizza box

The magic of Ancient Indian Vedic Maths

Kids and Coding

The importance of Recreational Maths

Fantastic idea for teaching numbers, place values, decimals, etc

Awesome game that you can create

Disney’s Augmented reality colouring in books

10 Electrical ways to enhance your class with Kahoot





Cybermail 7 for 2015

There’s a new 5 Clue Challenge video available for students on the website. Each video gives 5 clues and your students have to do research to figure out the location, animal, etc. 

Project website with 21 videos for your students (and counting)

Here is a super game to play if you want to learn how to Run the USA

Cool Maths game to play online

This is a cool short movie about the potential of a box 

This game of chess was NOT sped up

A fab app to learn about other countries 

How Middle Schoolers re-invented the first text message

Kahoot visits Cape Town to work with Mr S

parents – an interesting video about creativity and different schooling methods

In case you missed it.  Here is the interview with the Bottle Boys

How to make a 3D hologram from your Cellphone or Tablet:

We chose to not use a CD cover and we wanted to make ours larger!!!  We made our own design using overhead transparencies and we created this template.

You can also buy a cheap Pyramid template from the cheap store that folds into a pyramid and these worked for us too.


Cybermail 6 for 2015

180 awesome tech tips 

Meet the guy that sorts out all the world’s numbers 

Some cool maths links

Enrichment for teachers

More maths content for teachers

Some super cool science experiments to try at home

More tech tools for teachers via Vlogs

A fab app to learn about other countries 

How Middle schoolers took a new twist on text messages

For those of you that are interested in alternative schooling methods

Cool Egg drop experiments


Cybermail 5 for 2015

Try this cool online maths and English website to practise your maths and English everyday

Cool game ideas for teachers to use in class

Chaeli Mycroft and her team of Kili Conquering Climbers begin their journey to summit Kilimanjaro! Wishing them all the love and support! You can follow all the action here –

Some cool math resources for teachers 

Awesome ideas for Mathematics notebooks

Watch the Bottle Boys latest video.  We are going to interview them on 31 August 6pm

PI Day links



Cybermail 4 for 2015

Interesting article on Educational approaches and what research says about them

Bitsbox coding is a great place to start for young kids

Scratch junior is another great place for young coders who want to get started

Camp Google is filled with fun activities

Applications are now open for SAILI Scholarships

Visit the International Space Station on a panoramic tour

Matrics – get all the Khan Academy videos in IsiXhosa

This should get you super excited for the Maker Faire next week 

Build your own Ultrascope 

Turn your smartphone into a 3D hologram 

Young makers who are movers and shakers 

Here is a comprehensive list of the bursaries being offered in South Africa


Cybermail 3 for 2015

All Bursaries being offered in South Africa for 2016

A very cool new geography game to play with your students 

100 Chrome extensions that will make you feel very empowered!

Khan Academy videos in IsiXhosa!!!

Follow the exciting blog of the Phillips family trip cycling around Africa

African Code Week – Get involved in this awesome brand new project

Mr Mcnulty’s class joins the Camps Bay Maths evening

A fabulous video that teaches you how to subtract by adding


Cybermail 2 for 2015

Turn your hand writing into a font!

Creative Writing just took on a whole new meaning 

 Let’s write a book 

Join in on International Pi Day 

 Learn how to code via a FREE Online Course 

Citizen Science could help rescue a lost Yacht and other real-life problems

Great Open Education Resources

More online resources for teachers

Mr S does another interview…

Schools in South Africa – we need to take part

Cool Tech site  



Cybermail 1 for 2015

Answer Garden – fab tool in class

Awesome Science Experiments you can do at home

Mr S does another interview…  

 Schools in South Africa – we need to take part!

Teachers:  A bucket full of IT resources – this will keep you busy!!!!

Teachers: Some cool hacks for the classroom

Are you a teacher/student of the future ?  Here are all the Tech tools you will need to get started:

Free Educational Apps for kids

 Nice Apps for teachers – So many to choose from

Mr S did a mystery Skype session recently

Mr S watched classes do presentations in the USA and sent them feedback over Google Forms

Part 1

Part 2

Teachers – do you need to create maths Worksheets

Sparklebox and the alternatives (SA and international)



Great IT tips /apps/websites for teachers

Fun water experiments

Mr s had one of his photos used on the  CNN Website




Cybermail 8

Nice Maths Website

 Great tech tools for teachers 

Is music good for your brain ? 

Opportunity for STEM practitioners

Get your students and children excited about coding 

Will a feather and a ball fall and hit the ground at the same time ?

Astronauts put GoPro inside a water bubble and film the results

So how do we land on a Comet ?

Sixth grader wins a $25 000 prize for his Science Fair project 

Listen to friend of Living Maths, Dr John Mighton talk about Maths at Tedx CERN

50 Great ideas on how to make stuff out of cardboard




Cybermail 7

Maths evening held at Jan Van Riebeeck Primary

50 Great ideas of what you can make with a cardboard box 

Theme Song written for Global Cardboard Challenge day 

Teacher gets his students to solve a puzzle and make them fall in love with maths 

Living Maths gets a mention in Kahoot’s blog

A radio programme giving advice on how to teach maths to younger students

Space Camp is taking place at the Cape Town Science Centre

Follow good friend of Living  Maths Barrington Irving as he makes his way around the world in his flying classroom

Professor Anusuya Chinsammy-Turan is launching her new book about Dinosaurs on 11 October in the afternoon. Contact to get an invite.

World SpeedCube Champion Feliks is getting very excited about visiting South Africa for the Championships and to meet all of you 

What a cool camera project 

How good are South African Universities compared to the rest of the world? 



Cybermail 6

If you are a LEGO Fan, look what is coming to Cape Town

Super cool video (an oldie but a goodie!) – if you ever needed reminding of how insignificant we are compared with the Universe and you want to see how maths in used to explain large and small distances

Here are some Vedic Maths tricks to knock the socks off your teacher

Can you balance a pencil on its point

Lovely write up on the Inspired Teacher’s Conference

Cats can solve problems too

I love this poster! PDF of the kid-friendly 8 Mathematical Practices here:

#TheStorybook is out! Meet 14-year-old Noah Cahoon, the Eagle Scout/ toy maker/entrepreneur who’s got a penchant for cardboard, stickers, and community organizing. Find out how he’s bringing people together and sparking creativity in Roy, Utah. Share vigorously:

First woman to win the Field’s Medal

Very clever!

Incredible 360 Degree Rainbow (info) – [wow nature]

Photos from the first spacecraft to rendezvous with a comet – [space]

Resources for teachers with students that have learning disabilities

Cybermail 5

Who said NASA can have all the fun:

Need some ideas on what to do with plastic bottles?

Thousands of ball bearings move like a wave

Awesome Optical Illusion

New Star Wars Movie update:  Equipment and vehicles arriving

A watch that requires a cryptographer ?

10 Animals on the endangered list

You get puppets and then you get marionette maestros

Go on a 3D tour of China’s super caves

Retail in Real Time

International box of mystery

HIV Virus in 3D

How low can you go?

Bee self-defence ?

Close your eyes for a second…  does it sound like a male or female ?

Cybermail 4

Here is a great way to visualize PI and how it relates to the Diameter

Google’s 3D tablets

Watch the amazing and inspirational TEDx talk by friend of Living Maths, Blind Astronomer, Wanda Diaz, OAD visitor March-May 2014

At 300 micrometres wide, this is the most minuscule masterpiece in the world. Made from nanopixels, the researchers who made it are now using the technology to come up with new solutions for data storage:

Join Maker camp via the Internet

Great visual of tips for fonts/colour in design #ISTE2014

News about the International Maths Olympiad taking place in Cape Town

Canadian Astronaut, Chris Hadfield has updated his YouTube account with all his space videos

Great site for Grade 1 students

Online Ebooks for kids

Teachers:  Mastering number lines

Cool Science ideas


Stargazing in South Africa

Cybermail 3

Kid calls 911 for help…  with his homework


How many squares ?


Teachers…. Bamboozle parents with these awesome phrases in your reports


A very cool idea


Girl power


Let it go – frozen Fractions


Teachers…. Bamboozle parents with these awesome phrases in your reports


The Dragon 2 unveiling


Tips, tools, and favourite finds for using iPads:


How wealthy is Bill Gates ?


Free Tech for teachers


Schools around the world dance to Happy (Cape Town included 😉 )


Tennis and the new High Tech Racquets


Would you like to see the International Space Station as it passes over … track it here


This year’s Google Doodle Winner


Animations resources

How to find FREE YouTube music for vids.


Free to use in any video creation – even if not put on YouTube.  Only restriction is you cannot redistribute the music as standalone audio file.

Pencil (Download: Mac – Linux – PC)

Create traditional hand-drawn animation. Free open source software, complete with a user’s manual.


Pivot stick animator (PC only)

This free software download is a great asset in my classroom. The kids create beautiful animations and this is a very useful link. (PC only – some aspects free)

Free flash openers or introductions – but must use IE browser to create


Scratch (Download: Mac and PC)

Create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, art….


Hype ( Download: Mac only – fee)

Create Flash-like animations. Save as html5 web page. Viewable on iPad without special plugins.


Cybermail 2


It would appear that Honey badgers love brainteasers too

Friend of Living Maths Eric Rosenbaum talks about the Makey Makey

Music and fire!

Lego and Maths

Denmark took part in our Maths Olympiad last year

How much does Captain America’s shield weigh ?

Very cool for the coders out there

The principle of halving

Make a super planet crash in this simulation

Do plants feel pain?

Teachers – print your own maths paper

Teachers – Very cool application for the classroom

Teachers – a Great website to use in class with your students

“Viola Organista” based on a Leonardo Da Vinci Sketch – [wow instrument]

If you are planning to start your own business then here are a bunch of cool resources

How is this Hexapod robot

Why not be the fly (in a space suit) on the space station to see a LIVE view of what the view is like from the ISS 24/7

Teachers: Maths with socially responsible questions

For the artist that does not want to be confined to paper but wants to draw in 3D – click here to find out and order your own 3D printer pen!

Google Cars take the next Step

Cybermail 1

Mr S spoke to a School in Newtown, PA


Cool links for teachers


Study at MIT for FREE


Fractions game with QR codes


Cool Maths site

Very cool activity to make

Cool trick

Google Tools for Teachers

Mr S chats with a teacher in Argentina

Very addictive game

Old ATARI Console games

The “Working Mathematically” website at is highly recommended.

“The Paradox of Proof” at discusses the interesting controversy surrounding the online posting by Shinichi Mochizuki of a proof of the ABC conjecture.

The latest issue of the Online Newsletter on Proof is available at: and has many downloadable papers on research, and the teaching and learning of proof.

Readers are reminded of the excellent free online journal “At Right Angles (AtRiA)” for mathematics teachers at:  It is published by Azim Premji University and contains thought proving and useful ideas on both mathematical content as well as on mathematical pedagogy.

Download the free Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 software at It provides a graphing calculator that plots in 2D and 3D, step-by-step equation solving, calculus (differentiation, integration), linear algebra (matrices), statistics, and many other useful tools for mathematics and science.

Download the latest version of Ken Brakke’s Surface Evolver at: This great software is free of charge and is an interactive program for the modelling of liquid surfaces shaped by various forces and constraints.

Readers are reminded of the comprehensive Webinars on the use of Sketchpad, Google Apps, Fathom, Tinkerplots, etc. to teach and learn various aspects of school mathematics. Past webinars are stored at:

Download the dynamic geometry software, Cinderella 2, for free at:

Download GeoGebra apps for Android tablets from:

Looking for real world applications of mathematics and good examples of mathematical modelling? Then you might find this site on Mathematics in Sport helpful – go to:

Here’s a nice Online Geometry Site, which also has a few illustrative dynamic geometry sketches. Go to:

A fun, math-learning app, “Skip Math”, can be downloaded from iTunes at: Skip-counting with your child will give him or her a leg up in the classroom as well as improve his or her number sense (the ability to understand the relationships between numbers).

Several wacky, fun math games and multiplication tables for kids are available at: For kids age 6-11 featuring among others ” Dad with a Dodgy Bot”.

Explore MATHS IS FUN at

The Mathematical Competitive Game 2013-2014, organized jointly by the French Federation of Mathematical Games and Societe de Calcul Mathematique SA, is endowed with 2,000 Euros of prizes. The topic for this year is: Checking an  Industrial Process. Please see: for a complete description of the game. Answers should be sent no later than April 30th, 2014.


More links

You are reminded about The SA Mathematics Olympiad Training Programme, which is a free distance-learning problem solving course for high school learners, presented by the South African Mathematics Foundation (SAMF). All you have to do to participate is to complete an application form online at: or phone 012-3929362 for an application form

NEW BOOKS & MATERIALS   (Many thanks to Prof Mike De Villiers of Dynamic Math Learning for the next few links – he is a treasure chest of information. Visit his site on )


The popular “NUMBER SENSE” Workbook Series website by Brombacher and Associates has been launched at: Among many other treasures you will find a page-by-page commentary (user/teacher guide) on the activities in the workbooks.  At this stage the commentary is complete for Workbooks 2 to 7, the commentary for the remaining workbooks will be added on a week by week basis.

“THE MYSTERIOUS NUMBER 6174” by Yutaka Nishiyama is an exciting book (in English) that shows numerous interesting applications and curiosities of mathematics. It is a stimulating, highly recommended collection of 30 articles originally published as a Japanese series entitled “Enjoying Maths”, and is accessible for junior and senior high school learners. Contact information is available at:

With geometry back in the South African curriculum, mathematics teachers, authors, and educators may find very useful the following two papers by Prof Hung-Hsi Wu, namely:
a) “Teaching Geometry According to the Common Core Standards form Grade 4 to High School” at
b) “Teaching Geometry in Grade 8 and High School According to the Common Core Standards” at

A lovely book, “MOEBIUS NOODLES”, with early advanced math games came out recently at: The book is Creative Commons, so it is available at the name-your-own-price download.

A new expanded edition of “Women, Culture and Geometry in Southern Africa”, by Paulus Gerdes is available at: The book demystifies mathematics in relation to gender and race, and erases the borders between mathematics and popular culture as experienced in the work and crafts of women in Southern Africa.

A catalogue of some nice, challenging Problem Solving and Logical Games for young children are available at: Order or get more info from:

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