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Open discussion with educators around the world about Schooling during and post Covid-19

On the 18th of May I held a discussion with members of the Education department and teachers from around the world where we discussed schools during and post covid-19. Click here to watch the discussion

NASA Scientist and astronomer based at NASA Headquarters, Dr Henry Throop

On the 13th of May I interviewed Dr Henry Throop, an astronomer at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, where he manages NASA’s scientific research programs in the outer solar system.  Click here to watch the interview

Former NASA Deputy Chief Technologist, Jim Adams

On the 4th of May I interviewed Jim Adams, the former Deputy Chief Technologist at NASA (now retired).  Click here to watch the interview:

Aquanaut, Scientist and Author, Prof Mike Bruton

On the 4th of May I interviewed Prof Mike Bruton, Marine Biologist, Author, Former Science Centre head, educator and science Communicator.   Click here to watch the interview:

Elliott Hedman, MIT and creator of Wonder Stories app 

On the 6th of May I interviewed Elliott Hedman, MIT and creator of Wonder Stories app  (Download the FREE App www.wonderstories.appClick here to watch the interview:

President of Mars Academy USA, Susan Ip-Jewell MD

On Thursday the 30th of April I interviewed President of Mars Academy USA, Susan Ip-Jewell MD. Watch the video here:

Astrobiologist and Science Communicator, Dr Graham Lau

On Wednesday the 29th of April I interviewed  Director of Communications & Marketing of Blue Marble Space, astrobiologist and science Communicator, Dr Graham Lau.  Watch the video here:


On Monday the 27th of April I will be interviewed former NASA Chief Scientist and now Head of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, Dr Ellen Stofan. Watch it here

On Monday the 27th of April I interviewed Former NASA JPL Rocket Scientist turned Space Educator and Ninja Warrior and Ninja warrior, Kevin DeBruin.  Watch it here

Interview with ESA Astronaut Luca Parmitano took place on 16 April    Watch the video here

Interview with Philipp Legner from Mathigon took place on 16 April Watch the video here

Interview with former NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott took place on 13 April – watch the video here.  Due to a technical hitch my mic was muted but Nicole’s was working.

Interview with Katie Brady from Padlet took place on 13 April  Click here to watch the video 

Watch the interview with Magician and Mentalist, Larry Soffer that took place on Thursday 2 April.  He read minds, bent forks and other cool surprises Click Here 

Our Second online interview took on Tuesday 24 March with Dr Robert Howard who works on the habitability and human factors side of the Mars Integration Group.

Our online interview that took place on Monday 23 March with Naeem Altaf from Space Tech.

Watch the interview with Jonathan Kelsey.  Some might consider him to be a super hero with his specific powers.  Click here to watch the interview

The interview with Vahakn Matossian took place on 25 April.  Vahakn is an inventor and he takes musical instruments and enhances them so that people with disabilities can make full use of them.  You will be blown away!!!!!

Click on the video below to stream the interview live:

The interview with Yvette Gonzalez took place at 6pm (Cape Town time) on 23 April. Yvette has a long resume connected to many exciting aspects of Space.  Raised in El Paso, Texas, Yvette is a Human Resilience expert and Scientist-Astronaut Candidate. With 20 years of Development/Emergency Response experience rebuilding communities in active war, conflict, natural disasters, and epidemiological outbreaks, she now focuses her skills on Human Factors in space technology and experience. Her transition is an example of the possibility of commercial and private sector space opportunity.

She is an active member of the International Astronautical Federation, Association of Spaceflight Professionals, International Lunar Exploratory Working Group’s EuroMoonMars team, Moon Village Association, Project POSSUM, and trained with the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF). Yvette contributes to Lunar science conducted with the @ESA ESA_LAB@ project, IgLuna, an Ice Habitat. She works through these networks to help prepare and plan Moon and Mars analogs and science, building more knowledge and technology around human spaceflight.

The video is currently being edited and will be available shortly.

The interview with Lonnie Johnson took place at 6pm (Cape Town time) on 18 April. Lonnie is not only a former NASA Space Scientist but he is also an inventor.  He created the Supersoaker and the enhancer of the nerf gun!

Click on the video below to watch the live stream.


The interview with Dr Jancy McPhee took place on 9 April.

Click on the video below to watch the live stream.

The Partisan Song – Global Collaboration event 15 March 2019 – – a group of Eastern European schools join Herzlia High School in a joint activity about the Holocaust.   The schools learnt about the partisans and the Partisan Song.


On Monday 25 February I interviewed Dr Ellen Stofan.  Dr Stofan is the former Chief Scientist for NASA and now she is the head of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.


On the 8th of February at 5pm (Cape Town time), I interviewed Prof Clive Neal, Planetary Geologist.  This will be the first of a series of interviews for the Humans to Mars Summit coming up in May.

On Tuesday 12 Feb at 6pm Cape Town time, I interviewed the Backwards Dude.  John can say anything you want backwards!  How does he do it?


On Monday 12 November I had  the honour of interviewing former Administrator (Head) of NASA and 4 times Astronaut, General Major Charles Bolden.  This has all been made possible by the US Consulate in Cape Town.


On the 29th of October I interviewed British inventor and entrepreneur Richard Browning! Richard has built a suit that can really fly and it comes as no surprise they call him the British Ironman! Visit his Facebook page or you can visit his Youtube page to see what he gets up to and follow him on Twitter or Instagram

On the 30th of October I interviewed Dr Thad Starner. Imagine putting on a pair of gloves in the morning and taking them off in the afternoon then sitting down at a piano (which you have never learned to play before) and you can suddenly play a piece of music and I am not talking Chopsticks!  How can a pair of gloves teach you to play music and perform other tasks in a few hours?  What is this sorcery?   Watch this fascinating interview!


It was National Maths week in Ireland and on 17 October  I ran a fun interactive maths show with a few Irish Schools taking part.



On the 27th of September I interviewed former NASA Astronaut Dr Don Thomas.  Dr Thomas was in South Africa to join forces with Living Maths to promote the excitement of Maths and Science.

On 14 Sept I interviewed Mikky and her Dad Jake    Mikky is an inventor and has come up with some of the coolest inventions. Follow Mikky on her Youtube Channel


ISTE 2018 took place in June/July  in Chicago.  We had several countries taking part in our Global Kahoot Quiz.  Watch what happened here:


On Tuesday 22 May I interviewed  Prof Chinsamy Turan – The South African (and International) Dinosaur expert.  She will tell you all the stuff about Dinosaurs and Jurassic Park – what is real and what is not.


Interview with Athena Brensberger, Model, Scientist and Social Media influencer took place on Tuesday 1 May.


Interview with Ella Al-Shamahi, National Geographic explorer and expert on Neanderthals took place on Monday 30 April . We have temporarily removed this link and will replace it with a new one soon.


Interview with Dr James Garvin, Chief Scientist at NASA Goddard Space Centre took place on Wednesday 25 April .



Interview with Dr Komal Koko Kumar, transplant specialist and Fullbright Scholar took place on Tuesday 24 April



Join the Imagination Chapter in Cape Town as Mr S discusses innovation and creativity in his chapter.  This will be a fun activity and we will get to create something awesome. It is taking place at 10pm Cape Town time but you can watch it on this website afterwards as well.





I interviewed Nick Agnew and Maddy Cooke from the Movie SEAT25.  Imagine being chosen to go on a one way mission to Mars.  How do you tell your family?  How do you make such a big decision?


On Tuesday 3 April I interviewed Janet Ivey from Janet’s Planet.  Janet is an incredible educator and promoter of all things space.    She has won many awards for her wonderful TV programs that are incredibly popular.

On Monday 26 March  I interviewed John Connolly from NASA.  John is the Mars Lead at NASA and that means he knows a whole bunch about NASA’s plans to get to Mars and how they are planning to do it.

A Google Hangout as part of the Classrooms of the Future workshop 11:30 am Cape Town time on 24 March.  Join teachers from 4 different countries to learn about how important global collaboration will be for the classrooms of the future.

Thursday 8 Feb – Schools from Eastern Europe and Cape Town took part in a ceremony to honour Zog Nit Meynkol – The Partisan Song in remembrance of the Holocaust.


 On Monday 27 November I interviewed Brooks Gibbs, the highly acclaimed author and public speaker on the topic of Bullying.  This is a hot topic


On Tuesday 14 November I interviewed Luke, a former student and transgender teen.  This was a fascinating interview as Luke took us on his journey and told us about the challenges and triumphs along the way.  We were joined by his family and we got some insights as to how Luke’s journey has been processed by them and the advice they shared with us.

It is National Maths week in Ireland from 14 October to 22 October 2017.  Living Maths will be hosting an online maths show on Thursday 19 October 11:30am (Irish time) 12:30pm (South African time).  Some classes will be taking part in the LIVE google hangout will other schools from around the world will be streaming it live.  Please note this event was moved from Tuesday to Thursday due to the Hurricane in Ireland.  If you would like to take part in the event, sign up with this form.

World Space Week is coming up very soon.  We are working with our friends at KAHOOT to promote Space and give you a chance to play in a Kahoot quiz against a real Astronaut!!!  If you want to take part by watching the live stream, it will take place on 31 October at 1pm EDT or 7pm GMT + 2.   If you are a school and you want to join the hangout live then click here to fill out this form

On 26 Sept at 6pm (Cape Town time) I interviewed Dr Henry Oster, a holocaust Survivor.  His story is remarkable and you will not want to miss this interview.

On Monday 11 September at 6pm Cape Town time, we will be interviewing Bren Bataclan – Artist and Smile generator.  Watch his amazing story and ask him questions.   On 26 September at 6pm Cape Town time, we will be Interviewing Dr Henry Osler , Holocaust survivor.  Both interviews will be streamed live from this website.

On Monday 11 Sept at 6pm (GMT + 2) I will be interviewing Bren Bataclan. Bren Bataclan refused to be drowned in a sea of cold faces in Boston when he moved there a few years ago.
Determined to turn the frowns upside down, Bren sneaked through the streets of Boston and used his colorful artworks to bribe the “snobby” Bostonians into smiling.
“This painting is yours if you promise to smile at random people more often,” an attached note on Bren’s artwork would read. He also launched a personal website where the lucky bribe-taker can post his/her feedback. Now four years after leaving his cheery acrylic critters in parks, benches, libraries, train stations, street corners, among others, Bren’s “Smile Project” has spread all around. If you would like to ask any questions, please email them through to me on info at livingmaths dot com

Recent events

Tonight we will be taking part in a very exciting event.  We are hoping to not only stream the Solar Eclipse LIVE from the USA but I am going to be working with Wanda Diaz Merced, the blind Astrophysicist who will be at the Athlone school for the blind where the students are going to LISTEN to the sound of the Eclipse.  Sound complicated ?  Watch here tonight around 6pm Cape Town time.

On 29 August I interviewed Dan Gillaspia.  Dan and his partner flew around the world first class.  They stayed in 5 star hotels and their total bill came to $400.  Dan will introduce us to the exciting world of travel Hacking!  Yes it is legal!

On Monday 28 August I interviewed Mahdi Gilbert.  Mahdi is a well known magician.  He recently appeared on the Penn and Teller show called Fool Us.  He performed a trick involving cards.  What makes him a remarkable magician is that he was born without hands.

On Wed 17 May, I interviewed Wanda Diaz Merced.   Wanda is a well known and respected Astronomer.  She studies the universe and observes the regular things that astronomers observe.  The only difference?  Wanda uses her ears and not her eyes.  Wanda is blind!

On Wed 10 May I interviewed Amira Willighagen, a recent winner of Holland’s got talent. Amira wowed the judges when she sang an opera song at 9 years old.

Interview with John Grunsfeld. the former Chief Scientist  of NASA  and 5 times Shuttle Astroanut (now retired).  This interview forms part of our collaboration with the Humans to Mars Summit that took place from 9-11 May this year.

On Thursday 4 May I inter Jim Adams. I interviewed former Deputy Technologist of NASA (now retired).  This interview forms part of our collaboration with the Humans to Mars Summit that took place from 9-11 May this year.

On Monday 24 April I interviewed Dr Jim Green, head of Planetary Sciences at NASA.  This interview forms part of our collaboration with the Humans to Mars Summit that took place from 9-11 May this year.

On Wed 12 April  I interviewed the charming duo of Gavin Cueto and his grandmother.   Gavin is transgender.   Gavin was able to share insights into the complexity of being transgender.  This was an insightful interview that explored Gavin’s journey and the challenges he has faced along the way.

On Thur 13 April I interviewed Marine Scientist Dr David Vaughan.  David was about to retire but discovered a way to regenerate coral quicker than the natural way coral was growing.  In fact his method of generating new coral is 25 times faster!  He has decided to make it his goal to rebuild the dying coral reefs.  Join us for this riveting interview!

In October 2006, Derek Amato suffered a concussion after diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool. He lost his 35 percent of his hearing and some of his memory that day, but what he gained is remarkable: he is now a musical genius. Derek became a Piano Virtuoso!  Watch this fascinating interview!

Clementine Poidatz – A French actress is currently in the MARS series on TV.  We spoke about the acting industry , the set of MARS and life on MARS


On Wednesday 29 March at 6pm (Cape Town time) I will be interviewing Dan Mancina – Blind Skateboarder!!!!  Need I say more?

Christian was born and raised on the south side of Chicago in a working-class neighborhood called Blue Island, the birthplace of the American white power skinhead movement. At 14 years old, Picciolini became entrenched in the first neo-Nazi skinhead gang in the United States. From violence to weapons, Picciolini immersed himself in the racist skinhead culture at an early age and quickly became one of the movement’s most respected leaders and musical influencers.  In 2009, Christian co-founded Life After Hate. He went on to earn a degree in International Relations from DePaul University in Chicago, started his own global multimedia company, and was appointed a member of the Chicago Grammy Rock Committee. In 2016, he won an Emmy® Award for directing and producing ExitUSA’s “There is life after hate” PSA.

Scout Champion and activist, Sydney Ireland is challenging the Boy Scouts of USA.  Sydney has been barred from achieving the highest levels in the Boy Scout Association of America because she is female. She feels this is discrimination against girls and is taking them on. If would like to learn more about Sydney and her passion for Scouting – then this is a must-watch interview.

Watch this fascinating interview with Holocaust Survivor, Pinchas Gutter.  Prepare to hear his fascinating and personal story about triumph and bravery.  This is a fascinating interview!

Well-known Sport Scientist Prof Tim Noakes spoke about the Banting Diet, pseudo Science, Alternative facts, Fat, excercise, twitter, court cases and a range of other interesting things!  So if you are trying to get to grips with the Low Carb high Fat diet and why big industry is advocating sugar and carbs then this interview will give you some new insights.

Kevan Chandler is an author and  has a form of Muscular Dystrophy.  Due to his disability, mobility is generally difficult for him.  He decided that he wanted to see Europe and with the help of his friends, he hitched a ride around Europe on their backs!  (

Author and Computer Scientist Extraordinaire Dr Sue Black shares her inspirational story and some insights into her book about Bletchley Park.   Coding, espionage and empowerment of women. What a treat!

Philipp Benedikt and Melanie Fritzer – a film maker and Social worker are planning to travel around the world with no money but rather rely on bartering their services for accommodation, food, etc in return.  They will be stopping in Cape Town too!!!


The incredibly talented Derek Paravacini, his music teacher Adam Ockelford and his facilitator Kelly Smith (in the background) will blow your minds.  Derek was born blind due to birth complications and he has autism.  Despite these obstacles, he has musical super powers.  Prepare to be amazed!

Join us for the fun interview with Phil Morgese and his daughter Emma. Phil is like the Zohan of hairstyling. He also started a project to teach dads how to do their daughter’s hair. Come along to learn and share. 11pm Tuesday 13 December (Cape Town TIme) and 4pm PST.

Watch the awesome interview with Speedcube Champion Anthony Brooks (USA). Anthony is a talented Cuber that has some cool stories, tricks and tips to share.

Join us for the amazing interview with Prof Rob Gaunt – he plants chips into the brains of his patients to allow them to control robotic devices with their thoughts.

Join us for a fascinating interview with Dr Anastacia Tomson – Doctor, Author and Transgender Activist. She will be explaining all the ins and outs of Transgender culture and giving us some insight into the difficulties that transgender people go through on a daily basis.

It’s National Maths Week in Ireland coming up next week and we are attempting an online maths show for the first time with 5 Irish schools. Join us live at 11am (South African time) and 10am (Irish time) on Tuesday 18 October for the live maths show.

Watch the Interview with Tegan Phillips.  Tegan will be taking part in an event equivalent to 10 x Ironmen.

Megan Sullivan is an adventurer extraordinaire and a fascinating woman! She fell 50-feet climbing in Yosemite, got hit by a car and then diagnosed with skin cancer, all in one month. Two weeks later, she decided to see the 7 New Wonders of the world in just 13 days with a new outlook on life: to live more now. Watch this uplifting interview!

Here is a taste

Watch the riveting interview with NASA Administrator Mr Charles Bolden.  Everything you ever wanted to know about NASA, Astronauts, STEM, the journey to MARS, etc this is an exciting discussion!

Dr Jim Green, Head of Planetary Sciences at NASA.  Dr Green is the custodian of very important data that NASA is collecting on a daily basis.  Using this information, he can tell us more about the planets within and beyond our solar system.

Dr Cari Corrigan is an American scientist best known as a curator of the Meteorite Collection at the Smithsonian Institution. She is a scientist in the Department of Mineral Science at the National Museum of Natural History. She is an expert on Meteorites that have come from Mars and traveled to Earth.

Dr Alan Eustace is an American computer scientist who served as Senior Vice President of Knowledge at Google. Since October 24, 2014, he holds the world record for the highest-altitude free-fall jump.

Dr Penny Boston is a speleologist. She is associate director of the National Cave and Karst Research Institute[1] in Carlsbad, New Mexico, and founder and director of the Cave and Karst Studies Program at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro. Among her research interests are geomicrobiology of caves and mines, extraterrestrialspeleogenesis, and space exploration and astrobiology generally.

Mr. Sam Scimemi, Director for International Space Station at NASA Headquarters within the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate.  Mr Scimemi is responsible for the NASA astronauts that are on the ISS.

Astronaut Abby  is a girl with a dream. She aspires to be a scientist and dreams of becoming a NASA astronaut. But it doesn’t stop there–she also dreams of becoming the first astronaut to Mars.

Mr S interviewed Professor Marcus du Sautoy, who is the current Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford.  Here is your opportunity to learn about the excitement of maths and science.

Watch the exciting interview with Jetman, Yves Rossy.  Yves is a human Jet.  He soars above the clouds using his body and a pair of wings with some jet engines attached.  To find out how he does it and what goes through his mind, watch the interview! Visit his site for more information

Lauren is a big fan of recycling her trash but she has taken it one step further than your average person – she generated enough trash in 4 years to fill a jar! How is this possible? Visit her site for more information You can find Lauren’s website where she sells her super products:

Live Google Hangout with past Living Maths student Byeronie Epstein, horse racing enthusiast and winner of the 2015 Mongol Derby – the most difficult horse race in the world. The interview took place on 20 Oct. Here is your chance to find out how Byeronie did it!

Live Google Hangout with Ora Eliason, past Living Maths Student, budding chef and adventurer! The interview took place on 21 Oct . Ora spent the last few months in the USA working for Buddy the Cake Boss. Learn how she got this opportunity and what she has learned.

Interview with Planetary Scientist Dr Henry Throop on 7 Oct . Dr Throop was part of the New Horizons team and spoke to us about the excitement of New Horizons passing Pluto to take photos and what we now know about Pluto.

Interview with Chief NASA Scientist Dr Ellen Stofan on 6 Oct. Dr Stofan spoke about where NASA is headed, what finding water on Mars is going to mean and any planned missions to other planets.

Interview with Prof Cedric Villani on 5 Oct. Prof Villani is not only a wonderful French Mathematician but he is also a winner of the Field’s Medal. He spoke about real life application of maths in the world today, why he thinks maths levels are dropping in the world and a range of other cool topics.

Live Google Hangout with Global partners in the Global Cardboard Challenge. Schools from various countries joined us live on the 10th of Oct which is the day of the Global Cardboard Challenge.

Interview on 31st of August and we got to interview the Bottle Boys. The Bottle Boys are a cool music group from Denmark and a Youtube sensation. They perform the latest hits using beer bottles as their instruments.

Here is their latest music video –

Watch the interview with Animal Trainer Robert Dollwet and his famous cat Didga on Wednesday 8 July.If you have a cat and do not believe that cats can perform tricks, surf, skateboard and a whole bunch of other tricks -then prepare to be astounded! Here are a few links to learn more:

Didga Dreams BIG –


Watch the interview with the Bits Box team on Wednesday 3rd of June at 630pm live on the Living Maths Website. If you are keen on Coding and want to learn more, these guys are going to get you excited! Click here for more info.

Watch the interview with David Lipschitz, expert on the energy crisis in South Africa. He will explain all the options on how to protect yourself from load-shedding.

Photos from the talk can be found in our Photo Gallery and links to the presentation can be found here:

David’s Blog

David’s Presentation and Calculations Spreadsheet

Interview with The Phillips Family (Both Carla and Tegan are past students and current teachers of Living Maths) on 7 May 2015. The Phillips family have taken the year off to cycle around Africa. We got to ask them questions about their adventure, what they still have planned, which animals they have seen, any close calls…. etc. Follow their blog on

Interview with Dr Rolf Landua on 6 May 2015 .Rolf is the Chief Education officer at CERN. We discussed CERN, Particles and the Large Hadron Collider. What is the Higgs-Bosson particle? Have we proved Einstein was smarter than we previously thought? Watch this interview to find out.

Interview with Anousheh Ansari on 30 April 2015. Anousheh is a giant in the Tech industry. She is a great Stem Role Model for young women and she also happens to have traveled to Space! Find out more about this fascinating woman.

Interview with Adriana Marais on 24 April 2015. Adriana has been shortlisted to the top 100 places from around the world to go on a mission to Mars. One catch – it is a one-way ticket!!!! Is she insane ? Find out for yourself.

2 Special NASA Guests in Cape Town on the 23rd of March. NASA Chief Scientist, Dr Ellen Stofan and Astronaut Dr Cady Coleman talk about Space, NASA and everything in between.

ESA Astronaut, Major Luca Parmitano spoke to us from the USA. He shared his passion for space travel and some fascinating stories about what it is like in space. He has had some close calls while flying a fighter jet and hitting a bird and he almost drowned in space. How could this be? Watch this awesome interview.

13 year old Fashionista, Isabella Rose Taylor has many accomplishments under her belt. She has her own clothing range, she has featured her range at various fashion weeks and she is enrolled in University! Did I mention that she is 13 years old!

Nicky Abdinor is a qualified Clinical Psychologist, a great public speaker and she drives around Cape Town – What makes her different to most other people? She was born without arms! Find out how Nicky solves problems on a daily basis. Learn how she drives her car without any arms.

Meet Mats Valk and Feliks Zemdegs, the two world record holders and top two speedcubers in the world. They are able to solve the Rubik’s Cube in under 6 seconds! They also hold many other records and they demonstrated their skills online.

Mr S was part of a panel discussing Global Collaboration with teachers at a professional development workshop in the USA

Mr S gave a keynote presentation in Oslo, Norway on Global Collaboration

Panel discussion with various international astronomers and local (South African) astronomers about the Comet that recently made a trip past Mars. We spoke about chasing comets and even catching them.

Retired NASA Astronaut, Dr Don Thomas served on 4 Shuttle Missions. He is an excellent speaker and spoke about his adventures in space. Visit Don’s website here to order his latest book and to book him to come to your school (in the US).

As a build up to World Peace Day on 21 September 2014, Mr S interviewed Chaeli Mycroft (Chaeli Campaign) and Laura Lasance (Kids Rights) – Meet Chaeli and find out why she was chosen to win the International Children’s peace Prize.

Max Pazak and Kayli Levitan (Founders of The Street Store) share their remarkable story about a project that helps the homeless. The project has gone viral and it is serving the needs of 1000’s of homeless people around the world.

Paula Slier is not just a regular journalist. She is a war correspondent and this means that she goes where the action is! Is this a dangerous profession? Has she had any close class ? Watch the interview.

DJ Elle – At 13, very few people get to work with the world’s greatest DJ’s and even own their own club! DJ Elle is a remarkable young woman who is going places.

Lily Born – Young Inventor extraordinaire. Lily is a young woman that created a mug that is does not fall over! It was invented for her grand father but the world had bigger plans for Lily!

James Matthews – Is a talented Pianist that has played twice on the Ellen Show as well as Carnegie Hall! He has a remarkable story about perseverance and dedication against all the odds.

Kai-Xiang is a super hero when it comes to making art out of interesting objects. His main super power is working with cardboard. Be prepared to be blown away!

James Piercy is not only a fabulous guy in the UK but he is a great science communicator. He unfortunately was involved in a tragic car accident, losing his wife and sustaining sever brain injuries. He talks about his recovery and some of the fascinating things he has learned along the way.

Jim Adams is NASA’s Deputy Chief Technologist. He gives a presentation on the science behind the extinction of the dinosaurs.

For World Peace Day 2013 we interviewed Ena Hewitt and her family. Ena and her husband chose to live in a traditional South African township for a month to see how others live and make it every day. They took their two young daughters and against all the advice of their friends and family, they embarked on an adventure that will amaze you.

Jamie Catchen – A NASA Engineer at the Jet Propulsion Lab, talks about landing curiosity on Mars. This is some fascinating stuff!

Dr Catherine Coleman is a NASA Astronaut with a couple of missions under her belt. She has flown on a Shuttle and a Soyuz Rocket. She event spent 6 months in space.

Eric Rosenbaum – is one of the Makey-Makey inventors among many other MIT projects that he has been involved with. If you like people who think outside the box then Eric will entertain you.

#whatisschool is a twitter Chat that Living Maths has recently joined. Mr S introduced them to a live streaming option that opened their eyes to something new.

Mr S at TEDxCapeTownED – speaking about the Global Classroom.

Mr S on the Hectic Nine9 Show

Living Maths at the Inspired Teachers Conference

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