Sleepover FAQ

Many parents call my before a sleepover with very similar questions, so I decided to put them all here and answer them in one go.

  1. What must my child bring?

    Even though there is no bed time, it’s a good idea to bring a sleeping bag, pillow and a mattress so that your child has a place to go to if/when the need arises 😉 Other than that, they’ll need enough warm clothes because if can get rather cold in the early hours.

    Other optionals: a torch, a mobile device for our Kahoot quiz.

  2. Where do the children sleep?

    Each child picks a spot in the main exhibition hall, which is why its a good idea to bring a mattress with.

  3. What ages are children that attend?

    The ages range from 6 to 13. The majority of the children are around the 9/10 mark, but we do usually have a significant younger group (we’ve even had a couple of 5-year-olds in past!) and a few older kids as well.

  4. Can a child come even if they don’t do Living Maths?

    Absolutely. The sleepover is open to all primary school children.

  5. Is there enough adult supervision?

    We make sure we have 1 facilitator for every 10-15 children. We don’t sleep, and we’re always watching. The children are limited to the main exhibition hall and the multimedia room. There are no places to hide 😉

  6. My child has to sleep because of an event the next day.

    You know your child better than we do; you’ll know whether or not they have the self-discipline to get sleep they need. We will do our best to suggest to them that they need to sleep, but we won’t force them 😉

If you question is still not answered, after reading the information page and the FAQ, please contact us.