Living Maths T-Shirts

New designs and T-shirts as well as other “Merch” will be available in 2020.  Watch this space.


Kids Sizes:

Adult Sizes:

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Good news! If someone spots you wearing your Living Maths T-Shirt in public, you could win a prize! Here’s how:

Wear your current (2020) Living Maths T-Shirt out in public or to any Living Maths event, including your Living Maths class. If someone spots you, they need to take a picture of you wearing your T-Shirt and send it to us.


  1. You may not spot yourself.
  2. You may be spotted by a family member, but only once per family, per day.
  3. When we receive a photo, the child wearing the T-Shirt will stand a chance to win a prize. Not only that, but the spotter (the person who sent the photo) could ALSO win!!
  4. Photos can be sent via WhatsApp or Email. Please see our contact page for details.

Good luck!