Living Maths has set out a variety of discounts on offer for parents that would like to take advantage of them.


1. If you pay your fees upfront

If you pay your full fees for the year, a 20% discount is offered but no refund is made available if your child discontinues the classes before the end of the year.

2. Teacher discount

If you are a member of staff at any school that is registered on our program for the year, your child is entitled to a 50% discount.

3. Siblings

Discounts for siblings are as follows:   first child 0% off their fees, Second child 20% off their fees,  third child 40% off their fees.


Terms and conditions

You may not combine Option 1 with any other option.

* The above discounts only apply to schools that are billed directly by us and not the school.

Financial Assistance

Living Maths makes every effort to assist parents where finances are a problem. Kindly contact our office (see our contacts page) to chat to us about how we can accommodate you. Ideally, we would like to assist many financially disadvantaged learners, but unfortunately, we are limited by funds. If you have the means to subsidize a disadvantaged learner and would like to play a big role in changing someone’s life, please feel free to contact us to discuss this further. We are  offering full and partial scholarships for 2019 – Please contact us regarding the application process.  We have a limited number of scholarships to award.